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Self Managed Super Funds

An SMSF is a trust where money or assets are held and managed on behalf of up to four members to provide benefits for their retirement. Subject to certain exceptions, all members of an SMSF must be trustees of the SMSF or directors of the SMSF’s corporate trustee.

Self-managed superannuation funds allow you to control of how your finances are invested. Greater choice of investments and the ability to diversify your risk, means you can have a greater impact on your own future wealth.

Astute Wealth Planning can help in the process of establishment and requirements for running a SMSF.

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Did You Know…

Because we’re all living longer, there are more people relying on the Government Age Pension than ever before.

However, recent research shows that the Age Pension will NOT be enough for an average couple to enjoy even a modest lifestyle in retirement.

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